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Catalyst Centre (Toronto, ON)
The Catalyst Centre celebrates and promotes innovative learning, popular education, research and community development to advance positive social change

Center for Popular Economics (Amherst, MA)
PO Box 785, Amherst, MA 01004/413-545-0743/
CPE is a collective of political economists whose goal is to put useful tools in the hands of people fighting for social change. Through workshops and summer Institutes, CPE aims to demystify economics and give social change advocates a framework for understanding the economy which provides alternatives to the usual mainstream and conservative analyses and "facts."

Center for Popular Education and Participatory Research (Berkeley, CA)
CPEPR's mission is to promote and support popular education and participatory research in order to strengthen the participation of everyday people--especially the poor, youth, immigrants, and people of color--in efforts for social justice.

Freire Center (Minneapolis, MN)
The Freire Center does popular education workshops, leadership development, and action research for liberation and social change.

Headlines Theatre (Vancouver, BC))
The Headlines Theatre Company produces community specific, issue-oriented theatre. While we call our community work THEATRE FOR LIVING, it is based on Brazilian Director Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed.

Institute for Popular Education, Brecht Forum (New York, NY)
The program uses popular education methods in classes and workshops designed to provide activists with basic analytical tools, help them examine organizing strategies in a larger context, build leadership skills, deepen awareness of the issues affecting New Yorkers on a daily basis, and increase their involvement in the political life of the city. [On main page, cli
ck "About Us" to see info on this program.]

Mixed Company (Toronto, ON)
Mixed Company is a theatrical company that specializes in "Forum Theatre" techniques. We offer workshops and services to corporations, community organizations and educational institutions as well as individuals and groups.

National Coalition of Alternative and Community Schools
Our mission is to unite and organize a grassroots movement of learners and learning communities dedicated to participant control, liberation from all forms of oppression, and the pursuit of freedom.

Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed (Omaha, NE)
PTO's mission is to challenge oppressive systems by promoting critical thinking and social justice. We organize an annual meeting that focuses on the work of liberatory educators, activists, and artists; and community organizers. Our work is based on the ideologies and works of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal.

Praxis/Economic Justice Project (Chicago, IL)
The Praxis/Economic Justice program seeks to address economic justice through the process of education, action, and reflection. The goal of the program is to develop leadership skills through long and short-term workshops that will equip participants to analyze their reality and organize and to take meaningful action for economic justice.

Radical Education Community
REC was created to foster a more unified community within the southern peace movement --particularly Texas -- and to encourage better understanding of the different methods of activism that make up any major social movement.


The Fourth Dimension
A brief examination of the universe, metaphysics and the possibilites of four-dimensional space.