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bullet People-and-Planet-Friendly Events:
bullet High Park Children's Garden:
bulletContact Dance Co-llaboratory:
bulletDance of the Chakras (web design by Jonathon Neville)
bulletJoshua Lyons, Alexander Technique Teacher  (web design by Jonathon) 
bullet Contact Dance Toronto
bulletEnvironmental Design Collaborative = (web design by Jonathon)
bulletImagiscape Theatre, cultivating the landscape of the imagination
& our play Man&Woman
Our drama is moving; we move people beyond separation/sin, into god-consciousness.
Exploring paradoxes of faith. why most Christians lack God-consciousness/zest/delight; why Christians, reborn freed from sin, still bicker and get sad and confused. - the spontaneous, free encyclopedia  Imagine... living in a home that cost you nothing to heat or cool - Imagine... building this home yourself - Imagine... growing your own vegetables year round in this home - Imagine... no utility bills - Imagine... easily available "limitless natural resources" to build this type of home - Imagine... a more Earth-friendly civilization - Imagine... EARTHSHIPS.
bulletEarth, Inc.'s Annual Report