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Special Events
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 - Leading Change in Stuck Systems

(I would do these activities anyway - with or without guests - plus
we're all students and we're all teachers.)

Professional Bookings are also available: contact.

Drop-in Weekly Schedule

(Spring Summer and Fall includes biodynamic edible Gardening sessions - sometimes integrated with Improv Musical Theatre.) 

Street Ministry - Our events take place in people's homes and in public spaces - we seek to make public space living space, not just a conveyor belt between destinations.  We meet people in need in public space.  "What you're doing is too good to be kept to yourselves!"

Nov 1- Dec 18 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    - 7:30am
7:30am-9am The Creative Workout
(where Imagination Inspires Movement)
  The Creative Workout   Capoeira Laban/
Alexander Technique/
Noguchi Gymnastics
9am-12noon Management Accounting Evolution Management   Accounting for Gardening

Skill Share

12noon-1pm Raw Diet***
'Cooking' Club
      Raw Diet
'Cooking' Club
1pm-2pm  Creative Writing Modern Dance     Seniors'
Fun Fit
2pm-5pm       Sustainable Living Technologies      
5pm-6pm Liquid Pop Breakdance Debating + Co-building Conversing Piano   Chores as a Dance    
7pm-9pm Improv Theatre - Changing Personal & Group Habits   Improv Musical Theatre   Contact** as Conversation; Conversation as Contact.
Embodied Systems-Thinking
9pm-10pm Meditation Soundwork
Meditation Meditation      

To confirm schedule, contact

*a place to share/practice, play with, and integrate your new (and old) skills - learn by teaching
**Contact Improv Dance
***Living Foods Diet, Paleo Diet - fresh from garden / vertical gardens / sprout-jars
**** Gardening - Biodynamic, Permaculture - primarily Edibles;  my private garden is a community garden

Next Season

Clown  (Pochinko, Personal Clown)
Partner Yoga


The Inspired Economies Studio, while it has one permanent location (near High Park, Toronto; email for details: ), is more a concept than a place, which is to say that the Inspired Economies Studio can be manifest at any studio, and we select studios for ongoing study groups according to the requirements of the exercises and the # of people.
(For some locations, a fee is required to pay for the space.)

Start Your Own Inspired Economies Studio

Whether your studio is in your home, a park, or a public hall, post a sign in front of your home advising people of your schedule, and perhaps other worthy events (and perhaps ecological facts/ideas).

Workshop Follow-Opp
Skill-Share Play-Space

A Free University
An Inspired Economy

A Space to Practice Technique,
to Play, & to Learn by Teaching

****     Share skills and ideas to liberate us from dependence      ****
****           on the impossible (self-destruct) economy.             ****

Do you want people and space so you can practice what you learned in a workshop?
Do you want to integrate what you learned into your life?

The price is $0, because 
we are all students and we are all teachers.