Everything I Need to Know I Learned by Dancing

The Cognitive Skills and Emotional Intelligence begat by dancing, perfectly prepare the mind for the thinking required in any profession.  Indeed, dance and any other activity are mutually beneficial.

Three 2-hour events,
exploring 12 themes for 1/2 hour each.
Price: $0
(The process will be facilitated, but
we are all students and teachers.)

  1. Contact Commerce

  2. Contact Gardening

  3. Contact Conversing

  4. Contact Relationships

  5. Contact with Audience

  6. Contact Cooking

  7. Contact Computing

  8. Contact Music

  9. Contact Medicine

  10. Contact Comedy

  11. Contact Tragedy

  12. Contact Irony

  13. Contact Romance

  14. Contact Wilderness

Contact Improv is dance as conversation, maximizing energy flow while minimizing energy expense, negotiating the dance's theme, speed, rhythm, style.