Embodied Learning

Find and share solutions for developing Embodied Learning - ways to develop your intelligence while developing your physical health and/or while gardening.   

Does developing the ability tomove through space in a certain way also develop the ability to conceptualizeand think in related structures and patterns? Can learning a dance movefacilitate learning a science or business concept or skill?

The Dance of Anger - develop Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence via dance.

re: Carlynn's "Contact Improv and the Market Place":

Contact Dance enabled me to:
- listen actively
- fluidly re-organize my entity so I can manage risk yet take advantage of opportunities [[without laying off any of my divisions]]- negotiate offers.

Geometry: To what degree is this true?: If something can be verbalized, it can be expressed mathematically; if it can be expressed mathematically, it can be depicted graphically/geometrically; if it can be depicted graphically/geometrically, it can be expressed physically. Therefore an Economic Theory can be learned through Dance.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Bed

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