If you think virtual reality is , wait til you try reality!

I am the subject of this sentence.

The Never-Ending Story.

Graham Crowden's character Tom in the Britcom Waiting for God, fabulate, not deceive.  il n'y a rien dehors du texte / will to power-create!

You've heard of the Renaissance Man. I am Post-Modern Man.
I am Kaiser Willhelm, Will Hunting, Oscar Wilde, 6Degrees.

Oscar: The Decay of Lying.

Nothing but play.

I launch myself into a space-time warp, 
chunnelling down leaps of thought, forming conceptions, hopping to metaphors and ramifications, questioning/grilling for theories' foundations/assumptions on an animated threshold-breaking trailblazing trip.
Fences become frameworks to hop over or leap from,
Trees become huggable, squirrels become playmates.
Realism, which suppresses significant features, dissolves as people are revealed to me in caricaturesque accuracy.

The Law of Levity.

I don't understand how people can be miserable. Life is so darn funny.
Mankind is the glory, jest and riddle of the universe.

When mankind determined to destroy itself
it took the was of shall
And finding only why
smashed it into because.

purity through depravity. communism through capitalism. sublimating dionysian apollo vs castrating christ. action without ignorance.

I am Everyman. not the common denominator; i am all man.
charles laughton to olivier: do you know why you are so perfect as henry v? you are all of england.

Rob's playful Goodbye: good luck with your shit, and fuck you.