Common Sense Revolution

Experience the Revolution in Common Sense: realism is an irrational belief system.
For vacation, adventure in perspective.
Reject the religion of realism; create majestic realities.
Defy gravity - laugh that being earnest is absurd.
Appreciating absurdity enables majestic realities.

Defy scarcity - develop your technology of enjoyment, increase your efficiency of consumption;
reject prostheses, internalize goods; reject substitutes - get what you really want.

The world is potential energy - frustrated potential energy.
Defy entropy - the next time you feel yourself decaying, don't kill time, 
unclog the innate will to create glory.
Business is the greatest art - the world is your canvas.

Defy gravity, Defy scarcity, Defy entropy - deconstruct reality to tap potential energy.
What the world can be if we stop substituting decadent work and consumption for developing the
ability to revere and to play: delightful minds, vigorous bodies, an efficient economy, eco-logical.
Leave your wasteland, open the doors of perception, experience a wonderland.