For Sale: Nothing!

What to get for the person who has everything?  Nothing!  You don't have everything until you have nothing - then you can experience the richness of everything inside you and of everyone and everything around you.

We give people what they really want - not possessions, but abilities.
Free from the burden of stuff, we are agile, we feel the life force flow, and we are engaged in our communities and in Earth.

Learn the skills you really need for the 21st century at Inspired Economies University.  Upon completion of the Masters program, you will be able to thrive on $3000/yr, leading a life objectively richer than you can buy for $100,000/yr.  You will actually be earning and spending more than $100,000/yr, if your activity used the market, but by bypassing the inefficiencies of the market, you can thrive without it.  Since our graduates don't need $, our Graduate studies program is free, and enables graduates to collaborate on research and development projects.


Dance of the Chakras
Alexander Technique
Energy Anatomy
Contact Dance
Improv Theatre
Management Accounting
Biodynamic Permaculture Gardening
Ecological Computing
Livable Landscaping & Biotecture
Thrive Wild - Wilderness Skills
Conflict Resolution
Managing Change
How to Deal with People You Can't Stand
[Popular] Theatre
MBA through Gardening


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Nothing™ is a suite of services which enable people to thrive without consuming.

Item Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
'Bachelor's Degree'
Package 4 'Master's Degree' Availability
  $60 / 5 classes $200 / 20 classes 10 courses (7 classes each), with exam, essay, and presentation (not graded) 20 courses (7 classes each) with exam, essay, and presentation (graded, with consultation)  
Dance of the Chakras 5 sessions, to be used in any combination of classes. 1 session 1 term (7 classes)   Toronto
Alexander Technique 1 session 1 term (7 classes)   Toronto
Energy Anatomy 1 session 1 term (7 classes)   Toronto
Contact Dance 1 session     Toronto, Vancouver
Discover the Musician Within         
Singing 1 session      
Improv Theatre 1 session     Toronto, Chicago, Edmonton
Play-writing 1 session      
Management Accounting 1 session      
Biodynamic Permaculture Gardening 1 session      
Ecological Computing 1 session      
Livable Landscaping & Biotecture 1 session      
Thrive Wild - Wilderness Skills 1 session      
Nutrition & Cooking 1 session      
Naturopathy 1 session      
Clown 1 session      
Conflict Resolution 1 session      
Managing Change 1 session      
How to Deal with People You Can't Stand 1 session      
[Popular] Theatre 1 session      
MBA through Gardening 1 session      
Demythologizing the internalized capitalism/communism/anarchism Free U Free U Free U Free U Toronto-downtown
Law - at home, in community, state, globe - is anarcho-communism practical?  if so, how do we transform our legal system?          
Poverty - Relating to People in Need          
Imago Therapy          
Religion - how to free humanity from religious wars          


Advantages for Facilitators:
You choose - do you want to be independent (recommended) or employed?
Employed: If you normally charge $15 or $25 per class, you may at first be dis-interested to know we only charge $10 per class, and we keep $1 for administration (we get most funding from donations).  But take heart!  Through us you can rely upon a steady income, not subject to the vicissitudes of fortune + increased market exposure* + (optional) group insurance benefits**.  You are still free to work for another company or to work on independent projects.  [[[Steady Income?  (needs improvement)  If you have 10 students, you get $90, If you have twice your norm, you get 1.5x your norm; if you have 1/2 your norm, you get 4/5 your norm, e.g. if you have 5 students, you get $72 (instead of $50).]]]
Independent: charge whatever price you wish; all proceeds go directly to you; you still benefit from our marketing; if you want supplemental marketing, you pay us or another provider; you can opt-in to the group insurance program.
            [NOTE:  Unless others like the idea, I want to scrap the Employed option.  You may call it a co-op, but its too union-bourgeois for me.]

Funds from students of Inspired Economies taking courses run by Theatresports or Everdale or Catalyst go entirely to the providing company, which is responsible for the facilitator's compensation.  We hope our work will enable these organizations to provide courses for free.

Free University: Sharing Skills and Ideas to Liberate us from Dependence on the Industrial Economy.  
Free University courses are completely free.  They are taught by people who get more from giving than from selling (and who have managed to afford it); people who believe their knowledge is so valuable that everyone should have it. (! ;>})  
[Is this insidious?  Does it make people feel guilty that we need to charge $ to finance our lives?]



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