Livable Landscapes

The Garden-Centered Home

bulletLivable Landscaping, the Garden-Centered Home
bulletThe woman of my dreams will walk into my garden, experience my mind, and call it Heaven.
bulletThe woman of my dreams will walk into my mind, experience my garden, and call it Heaven.
bulletinterior ecosystems - anything interior design can do, landscaping can do better.
bulleta healthy ecosystem is a hospitable home
bulletThe Garden as a Surround Sound Entertainment Centre - Immerse Yourself.
bulletby living in a garden-centred home (functionally and thematically-centred, if not physically), ecological thinking and practical ecology become natural.
bulletIntelligible Ecosystems, Intelligible Architecture.  Design so that by being in that space, one's mind develops cognitive processes which facilitate transferable skilled thinking.  Compare this to most architecture, which conceals its elements' functions and relationships. www.intelligibleecosystems.comSpontaneous Intelligence
bullet Everything I Need to Know I Learned by Gardening
If you have the cognitive skills to grow a great garden, then you have the systems-thinking, project-management, mathematical, strategic (competitive and collaborative) and interpersonal skills to grow a great business, or to succeed in any profession.  To develop business skills, study gardening, the Spontaneous Intelligence way.
bulletThe Gardening Dance
You may imagine that if people are dancing while gardening, then they won't be doing a good job of gardening.  But if you're dancing is moving with connection to the earth, sun, wind, soil and biota, envisioning and feeling the ecosystem and its energy flows, your planting will be care-full.  Help develop flow yoga gardening!  Food production need not be menial labour; it can be social, intellectual, spiritual, and physically healthy. (See also: - The Entire Economy Making Love with Earth)
bullet Host a Gardening Party
Let/make your friends feel a sense of ownership (response-ability) for your garden.  Our facilitators/foremen will prep your crew to spontaneously co-create your garden masterpiece.

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Speak'n ze Gardening?
Develop the English language so we can speak entirely in ecological gardening metaphors, so ecological thinking and practical ecology become second nature.  You are what you think.  Speak only in the language of Gardening.  Try the TRANSLATOR!.....

Accounting for Gardening

If I can buy tomatoes for $1.50/pound, why would I spend hours gardening? 
Consider: physical, social, ecological, spiritual, intellectual benefits. ....

a deep ecology / eco-psychology version of horticulture therapy
- not just for people with developmental challenges - for everyone

Community Gardens as Inspired Economies

Gardening Information System

Nutrition System
(see (as with most of my projects, the off-line computer system is 90% complete, and the on-line component is 10% complete)

Energy Accounting
I want to formalize a new profession: energy accountant.  I do not purport to be an energy accountant, at least not for several years, but I want to unite people whose specialties combine to create an energy accountant, in order to develop the profession.  Like a financial accountant, but this looks at the energy flows from the sun, onto land(/photovoltaics), into biomass(/heat/electricity), into stomaches(/shelter/entertainment/...), and then: then comes the human spirit - what do we do with the energy we have consumed?  If/when we are melancholy malcontents, we squander our energy, and (speaking personally) binge on more energy to stuff/silence our anxiety.  If we are [spiritually developed]*, we have an almost infinite supply of energy.  Indeed, the more efficiently I eat/consume, the more pleased I am in my relationship with Earth/life, and so the more energy I have.  Finally, how do our individual energies benefit from organization/collaboration/commerce?  In what circumstances are trading economies optimal?  In what circumstances are collaborative economies optimal?   Are there techniques to develop inspired economies?
Are you familiar with the concept of embodied energy?  It is used by engineers.  For example, a lettuce from California embodies the energy of the sun and the irrigation and the planting and fertilizing and pest-control and harvesting and the shipping and the accounting and the retailing and the shopping that got it from there to here.  A lettuce grown in a VG embodies the energy that went into the seedling plus a portion of the energy that went into the VG (materials, molding, delivery, operation; including the energy that went into the materials).
A Simple Table:
Cost of a Lettuce
1. Financial 2. Environmental
A. from California  B.  from garden   C. from vertical garden.


Vertical Gardens


Here's how the revolution happens: everyone spurns jet-skiing and golf and exclaims 'Edible gardening! - that's where the action and intelligence is!'

Rebecca Todd; Marcus Wolfe
Zora; Laura Berman; sarah jane burton; Jane Hayes


Home Grounds

community gardens are more ideal than private gardens, but privately-owned land should not go to waste.
Besides, some Home Grounds gardeners may be 'communizing' our 'property' - I would prefer to have people in my backyard and lose privacy but gain interactivity and fulfillment by my plants.

Marketing Campaign:
- Let me Garden Your Land - I'll pay you! - In the Worst Case Scenario, we will break even after 2 years.
Benefits to you: beautiful, healthy landscape; an intelligible ecosystem; harvest feasts.

My qualifications may not be enough to merit full-time paid employment as the Home Grounds project co-ordinator, but when you see my site,, I'm sure you will appreciate I can contribute greatly to this project, and that this project should no longer wait on the sidelines. "No budget" is no excuse - we have been waiting for Evergreen to provide it, but now we recognize there is no need to wait - The Home Grounds project will give birth to itself spontaneously


The Garden as a Story - Choose Your Own Adventure