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bulletPeople-and-Planet-Friendly Events:
bulletGIFTegrity—a gifting tensegrity:
bulletHigh Park Children's Garden:
bulletContact Dance Toronto
bulletEnvironmental Design Collaborative = (web design by Jonathon)
bulletImagiscape Theatre, cultivating the landscape of the imagination
& our play Man&Woman
Our drama is moving; we move people beyond separation/sin, into
Exploring paradoxes of faith. why most Christians lack God-consciousness/zest/delight; why Christians, reborn freed from sin, still bicker and get sad and confused.
bulletContact Dance Co-llaboratory:
bulletIncludes (so far): Contact Exercises; Contact & Kids; Contact & Aging; Contact & Nature Outdoors; Contact, Eroticism & Boundaries; Contact Outreach & Development; Contact-inspired Brainstorming; Contact for Healing Past Abuse.
bulletThis page is not like other web sites. It is a wiki. Which means it dances. More literally, it means that anyone, anywhere, has the ability to edit it, add to it, or link to it extremely easily. It will develop and change like a massive international improvisational composition. People will enter into the dance, and through their influence, change its shape and nature, and than withdraw again. To change a site, just go to the page you want to change, click "edit this page," and do your thing. Don't be shy about changing or adding to other people's writing. That's what this is about. Interaction. Interchange. (If things get really messy, we can always fix them in a flash, and you can see past versions of each page by clicking little 'previous versions' buttons.) - the spontaneous, free encyclopedia  Imagine... living in a home that cost you nothing to heat or cool - Imagine... building this home yourself - Imagine... growing your own vegetables year round in this home - Imagine... no utility bills - Imagine... easily available "limitless natural resources" to build this type of home - Imagine... a more Earth-friendly civilization - Imagine... EARTHSHIPS.
bulletEarth, Inc.'s Annual Report
bulletPoet Lights - Who needs cigarettes when you've got poetry?  (website by Ariel the poet and Jonathon)
bulletMy Favourites, rendered online.  [to be in sort-able database format]


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