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Inspired Economies develops cultures which render government next-to-obsolete.

The Green Party wants publicly-funded healthcare, education, justice, etc..

There seems, therefore, to be a conflict.  Let's look more closely.


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Newsflash!  NDP and PCs unite with Greens!

The Greens claim they are more PC than the PCs, more NDP than the NDP, and more Liberal than the Liberals.  Indeed they create the conditions whereby profit-minded businesses help to achieve healthy, diverse communities.  When the Liberals won more seats than any other party, but not a majority, the PCs and NDP MPPs used a little-known rule of parliament and decided to nominate and vote for the 1 elected Green Party MPP as the leader of the parliament - the Premier.  They stated "By starting from an ecological systems-thinking perspective, the Green Party transcends the left-right split".  Dalton McGuinty, shocked but not dismayed, said "I am once again Leader of the Opposition, but unless I argue for 'Grey' thinking against 'Green', I have nothing to oppose."

Fuller details will be available in the days ahead.    

"You can't have healthy people on a sick planet." - Frank de Jong, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

"In searching for a practical solution that embraces the best of the Tory business focus, the Liberal support for diversity and personal freedom and the NDP's commitment to community values, I joined the Green Party."  - Neil Spiegel

Who votes for Green? 
"I do" say disillusioned Tories, impatient NDPs, frustrated Liberals, and people who used to say 'None of the Above'.

More Tory than the Tories, more NDP than the NDPs and more Liberal than the Liberals, the Greens transcend the stale logic of yesteryear.  By addressing issues from an ecological perspective, Greens deliver a healthy society, economy and environment.

More Tory than the Tories:
I had such high hopes for the Tories - if they could achieve a revolution in common sense such that people had an appreciation of their possibilities and response-abilities.
The Tories claim to be pro-free market, but by freezing electricity prices they hinder the development of the electricity market, delaying the introduction of ecological energy, plus they are financing this price freeze by subsidizing the electricity suppliers - so what people save by the reduced price is then paid by taxpayers, and furthermore there is little incentive to conserve. 
The Tories claim to be making government accountable, but they support the current 'first-past-the-post' electoral system, in which 58% of eligible voters in BC did not want the Liberals, but the Liberals still got 98% of the seats.  (70% of eligible voters voted, 60% of those voted for the Liberals, so 42% of eligible voters voted for the Liberals.)
The Tories claim to be business-savvy, but they are running the education system like a dictatorship.  They aren't even implementing the Rosantzcy report - even though they hand-picked this right-wing consultant.  They are ignoring not only the people with direct knowledge (the teachers, principals, school boards, students and parents), their ideology blinds them even to evidence from thorough studies performed by people with their own political values.  Students will be inspired to learn if they think they can contribute to the creation of a beautiful world, not if they think they must violate their values and take pride in the quantity of widgets they sell.
The Tories are closely aligned with The Fraser Institute, a right-wing think tank, but the Tories are not implementing The Fraser Institute's Free Market Solutions to Environmental Problems.
Whether you are rich or poor, the Tories put money into your front pocket only to take more out from your back pocket - some directly, some indirectly - now or in the future, by creating environmental, social and educational deficits.

Why don't the NDP address the Green Tax Shift?  If they don't think it's a good idea, they would reject it.  It's just not in the way they think.  The NDP claim to work for the public good, but they chase auto industry to develop plants here, when an eco-efficiency revolution will create thousands of net new jobs.  Industry can be re-tooled to work for the benefit of healthy air.

The Liberals' support is a kilometre wide and an inch deep.  They try to capture the niche of the norm, the average, by adopting policies that satisfy different segments of the population, despite the fact that their policies are self-conflicting.  It is not efficient to dig a ditch only to fill it back up, and it is not efficient to pursue a grey economy and then pay more for health care and crime-control and education and lost productivity because people are alienated and dispirited, knowing their way of life is destroying the possibility of healthy life. 

The traditional parties all had significance when they began, but for the 21st century the issue is not left vs right but grey vs green.  The Role of government is to create the conditions which make the market produce healthy social outcomes:

Green Tax Shift
Shift taxes away from corporate and personal incomes onto resources.  This will create jobs, reduce pollution and conserve resources for future generations.

Tax 'Bads', not Goods
Tax what you want to discourage and don't tax things you want to encourage.

True Cost Accounting
We must include the true social and environmental costs in all goods.  This can be implemented easily and objectively.  For details, ask. 

Oppose corporate welfare. 
No taxpayer bailout of failing industries such as garbage incinerators and nuclear power plants.

These ideas are primarily ideas I heard expressed by Frank de Jong, the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, and Neil Spiegel, the candidate for Parkdale-High Park.   These ideas are only a few of the reasons I'm voting for the Green Party.  

If you have questions about the green party, you can email Neil at or  For the future, the Green Party would like to have contact information for people and businesses who would like a lawn/window sign.  If this interests you, please contact

J. Neville





Satygraha - Ghandi's word for developing alternative institutions thus rendering the government obsolete.

Why vote at all?
If we are green, we don't need any government.  Satygraha - create democratic institutions that make public services redundant.  Green Freedom - rendering government obsolete. 

Anarchy is not enough:
Public Resources need public protection.
Public Services

Environmental Economics textbooks teach that there are three ways to direct economic behaviour:
- command-and-control
- market-based incentives
- moral suasion
Spiritual Economics offers an alternative:
[- law and morality are band aids where spirituality is lacking
- the technology of the mind - pragmatic poetry; to increase your utility, change your preferences.
- tap people's innate passion to create beauty
- free people from the frustrating [anti-efficient] economic system so the vital force can course through their being and their everyday is poeisis.
- give people what they really want.
- internalize externalities

Public Goods

Direct Democracy
The Internet and modern telephone technology make representative democracy obsolete, unless we believe

Health Care - community kitchens

The Green Party will not just tinker with the status quo, it will transform govt, society and the economy to a whole new way of living, one based first, last and throughout on ecology. This better way to live will be healthier not only physically, but also socially and economically: health care, education, and crime are all addressed most efficiently via a healthy environment.

The Kyoto Accord is good for the economy:  an ecological economy is a healthy economy - an economy where people prosper by engaging in healthy activities and healthy projects.

There is only one difference between the Green Party and the Greys:
The Greens are better accountants.

All other differences flow out of this one difference.
If you have a sophisticated accounting system, which shows the full benefits and costs, and true sources of the costs, you inevitably become a Green.  Then you can run the government like a business and make Genuine Progress.
That is why disenchanted Tories, impatient NDPs, and frustrated Liberals are all voting Green.

Marriage of left and right
public prosperity and minimal government because we address the root.

Without clean air and water, no amount of health care spending can ever be enough.

Liberal = (PC + NDP)/2
Think Before You Vote
Green = all 3 united through common alternate starting point.


The Green Party has arrived.  The Green Party has a candidate in every riding in Ontario.

Green Tax Shift
Shift taxes away from corporate and personal incomes onto resources.  This will create jobs, reduce pollution and conserve resources for future generations.

Tax 'Bads', not Goods
Tax what you want to discourage and don't tax things you want to encourage.

True Cost Accounting
We must include the true social and environmental costs in all goods.  This can be implemented easily and objectively.  For details, ask. 

Oppose corporate welfare. 
No taxpayer bailout of failing industries such as garbage incinerators and nuclear power plants.

Campaign Finance Reform
Clean Money Campaign

The Green Party is more Tory than the Tories (PCs), more NDP than the NDP, and more Liberal than the Liberals.
The Tories claim to be the rational party, yet The Fraser Institute, a right-wing think tank, propose free market solutions to environmental problems, which the Tories have failed to either implement or even adopt in their platform.  Before the next provincial election, not only PC voters but also PC candidates will have left the PCs and joined the Greens.
The NDP claim to represent the little guy and/or people with public values, yet their policies
The Liberals claim that the PCs represent corporations and the NDP represent unions, and that the Liberals represent the normal person, but just because their policies are in the middle between the PCs' and the NDP's does not mean they represent citizens - citizens can choose from 3 shades of grey, but only the Green Party offers citizens the voice that represents them fully. 

Left versus Right was the debate for the last century.  In the 21st century, it's green versus grey.  Grey begets inevitable doom, so the choice is clear: green is the party of the future.

Why is a Green Party needed?  Surely the other parties will incorporate any rational environmental ideas.
The Green Party is the only party built upon the recognition that problems in any sphere (healthcare, education, law and order, ...) are solved most efficiently by developing our society [upon an ecological model / ].

Will the Green Party govern by invoking a mystical sense of Nature? /
Is the Green Party comprised of / for people addicted to a mythic idea of Nature?

Will having 4 parties just make our political system more confusing and more deadlocked?  Will having 4 parties just strip more votes away from similar parties so we end up with 3 parties with similar views representing 74% of people but one party with 26% getting elected?
That's why Canada needs proportional representation combined with informed direct democracy.

Doctors like Maytag Repair Man

The High Cost of Poverty:
healthcare, education, economic
if you aren't ideologically driven to blame the victim,
It costs 7 times more to raise a child in poverty.

Choice in Education; choice in Healthcare; choice in Energy.

Jobs: what are the rest of us supposed to do?  Sit at home and watch the lawn grow?
many more jobs in a green economy, [yet more efficient].  10 people to run a nuclear plant.

Get rid of tax credit for private schools, but offer full funding to private schools

Advantages of

Neil's Speech:
All 3 ordinary parties made sense when they began.  The NDP made sense when the issue was representing worker's rights; the Liberals made sense when ....



Canvassing Workshop
Canvassing offers practical opportunities to develop a wide range of communication skills, on topics varying from the serious to the whimsical. The skills honed in these meetings will stand up in your chosen careers and community activities.
Canvassing will develop your ability think on your feet, be persuasive, and communicate complex concepts fluently.
No canvassing experience is required.
Canvassing is a great way to develop skills applicable to all aspects of life, so come on out and join us!

Canvassing Conversation Menu:
Kyoto is good for the economy.
The Green Party should be included in the televised Leader's debate.
The only difference


Volunteers will receive a gift package from Inspired Economies.
Volunteers are welcome to a complimentary class in an ecological skill: gardening, dance, public speaking, from Jonathon and associates.



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Green Party quotes:
"You can't have healthy people on a sick planet."