Frequently Asked Objections  

bulletto Spontaneous Intelligence
bulletto Pragmatic Poetry
bulletAre you proposing people think positively about Hitler and environmental destruction?
bulletChanging our minds requires much more time than producing and distributing a lollypop, so it is not an efficient way to increase the quality of life.
bulletto Inspired Economies
bulletSurely you don't render the market obsolete, you just drive it underground to appease your conscience.  Surely it needs to be acknowledged honestly, or else you'll just passively-aggressively resent inefficient allocations due to warped, implicit, and perhaps subconscious, pricing.  Instead, develop economies so everyone is so profitable that everything might-as-well-be free.
bulletIsn't your 'inspiration' just a euphemism for 'compulsion'?  Isn't the reason anarcho-communism does not require oppression because people have internalized the oppression?
bulletSurely I.E. is just an excuse to indulge in mental masturbation - an attempt to avoid the discipline imposed by the market.  The market forces you to actually do good, not just believe or tell people you're doing good.  The only test of whether you are doing good is triple-bottom-line profitability.  If you're activity is not profitable, your resources would be better allocated elsewhere.