Happiness is Free
J's synopsis of the Introduction

We have become so good at this pretending to be limited that we have forgotten that it is just a game, a pretense. We now spend most of our time bolstering the illusion that we have created for ourselves. 
It takes tremendous energy to maintain the illusion that unlimited Beingness is actually limited to the particular body-mind that you call yourself. No wonder we are so exhausted most of the time. We have unlimited energy available to us, but instead of using this energy for good or to discover who we truly are, we use this energy to convince ourselves and others around us that we are limited-that we have personal problems.

When I talked to people who were opposing me no end when I was trying to help them, I would consciously feel the greatest love for them when they were attacking me. And the joy of loving them was so wonderful, I would, without any thought, thank them so profusely for having given me the opportunity of talking with them, that it threw them into a dither. But I really felt that. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart for having given me the opportunity of loving them when they were making it as difficult as they possibly could.
I had dammed up this energy, this power, and all I had to do was pry loose the logs of the dam which were my compulsions and hang-ups-and that was what I did. As I let go of these things, I was removing logs and allowing this infinite energy to flow, just like a water dam flows if you pull the logs out, one by one. The more logs you pull out, the greater the flow. All I needed to do was to remove these logs and let the infinite power and energy flow.
And on seeing that, I right there and then realized, "Well, I'm not this limited body and I thought I was! I am not this mind with its limitations that I thought I was!" I let go of identifying with this body. And when I did that, I saw that my Beingness was all Beingness. That Beingness is like one grand ocean. It's not chopped up into parts called drops of bodies. It's all one ocean. This caused me to identify with every being, every person and even every atom in this universe. Then you are finished forever with separation and all the hellishness that's caused only by separation.

A picture flashed into my mind of amusement park bumper-cars that are difficult to steer so that they continually bump into each other. They all get their electrical energy from the wire screen above the cars through a pole coming down to every car. The power above was symbolic of the overall intelligence and energy of the universe coming down the pole to me and everyone else. Each driver is taking the amount of energy and intelligence that he wants from that wire, but he steers his car blindly and bumps into other cars, and bumps and bumps.
When you are in tune and you have a thought, every atom in the universe moves to fulfill your thought. Being in harmony is such a delightful, delectable state, not because things are coming your way, but because of the feeling of God-in-operation.