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Inspired Economies is marketing a revolution, managing our evolution to Inspired Economies.

Developers of Inspired Economies use a specific set of techniques to tap potential energy, and thus achieve ecological, caring economies without government intervention.  Indeed, no other economic system can yield economies that are so productive, efficient, innovative, creative, joyful, intelligent, and free.

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Capitalism and communism can be considered opposites - but they are both incentive economies - they both rely on incentives.

Economic systems which attempt to organize behaviour by incentives, whether material, social or spiritual, whether rewards or punishments, can tap individualistic self-interest, but miss most potential energy.  Incentives are substitutes where inspiration is lacking.

Inspired economies are possible within both capitalism and communism - in organizations and within families. Want help transforming a stuck system into an inspired economy?

Let's talk. Our performances (including Let's Play House) are keynote presentations at major conferences - see ***** reviews!
Our workshops help you make dramatic transformations - without drama.
Our consulting services address a broad range of needs - we provide Creative Conflict Resolution in seemingly hopeless situations - and we provide custom technology solutions*.

* Our solutions include custom-designed databases, websites, and decision support systems, including an audit-proof client management database developed for a national company with thousands of clients. (This custom software transformed the company from an environmental shame with low job satisfaction into a lean and agile organization where staff felt their time was meaningfully spent.)

We are a new player in the market, helping individuals and organizations consume only in order to create - participating in a global barnraising of ecological culture.

Contact us at 416-763-6565 or send us a message thru Facebook.

"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite." - John Kenneth Galbraith